“Are you okay?” Janice panted as she ran to her sister.


“Yes, but I need your help.”


“Anything for you, Grace. We have always been such good sisters.”


“I need an emergency.”


“No problem. I will help you with any emergency that comes up. Just tell me what to do.”


“No. Listen carefully. I need you to create an emergency.”


“Well, that’s just silly. An emergency contact helps out in an emergency. I’m your emergency contact so that I can help you in case something bad happens.”


“You’re a drama queen. Your specialty is creating emergencies.”


“O.M.G… I am not. I have been there every time you had an emergency.”


“You create emergencies rather than stop them.”


“I do not. Not, not, not, not, not. I held your hair when you got sick at the nightclub last week.”


“I got sick because you put that holistic anti-roofie serum in my drink.”


“I can’t believe you’re bringing that up. I was trying to help. You are so ungrateful. We’re sisters. I swear unless you apologize right now, I will never forgive you.” Janice headed for the door stomping as loud as possible. “I’m going to go take some of that medicine, hang around a sleazy bar, and get drunk.”


“Thank you.” Grace smiled and waved at her sister.


“You’re welcome?” Janice saluted on her way out of the house with a very efficient single finger.